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Starpool has developed an evolving digital platform whose contents are conceived to give you a global sense of wellness. Zerobody is supplied with Mindfulness and chill-out music for an even more complete regeneration experience.



Did you know that your brain improves or regresses depending on how much you keep it active? Floatation provides a cognitive state where your mind is free. This is the best condition to practise Mindfulness, a mental awareness exercise that teaches you how to live the present and manage your daily routine more effectively. The scientific literature is intensively studying Mindfulness; doctors and psychotherapists are more and more convinced of its power. Starpool, in cooperation with the research center Neocogita, realized 6 Mindfulness audio-guides based on neuroscientific approach. Each exercise helps you training some specific brain areas in order to focus on the aspect that you consider more important in your life.

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    Body scan

    The body scan teaches you to deeply relax your body while staying awake. When you feel confident with the exercise and able to keep relaxation during its whole duration, you will be ready to face next steps.

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    Reach a calm state to abandon stress and the chaotic daily routine. This way you are more focused, with better results in terms of memory and, more in general, of psycophysical well-being.

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    Regain your emotional stability, improving the ability to perceive reality as it is, without any artificial influence. You will be able to face life in a healthier and more efficient way.

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    Train your "bright" attitude and your ability to see the upside of daily happenings. Your alertness will increase and you will be able to perform your task more successfully.

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    Training your mental presence favours a creative approach to problems and improves your ability to create connections between ideas and solutions.

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    Train your mental agility and the attitude to view reality clearly and consciously. This will help you facing daily troubles being of sound mind, without being oppressed.