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Each year, work-related stress causes to companies huge sums in direct and indirect costs; they are largely related to absenteeism, less productivity, increased turnover and reduced motivation. Give your people an effective solution to quickly reset body and mind. Workplace well-being leads to better productivity and financial results, increases your value on the market and helps cutting stress-related costs.

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Your people

In just the time needed for a coffee break, you can make your people feel better and totally reenergized. A brief moment of pure regeneration that will positively affect the company’s entire performance.

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Your visitors

Break the ice with your clients and suppliers: offer them a unique wellness experience and make their waiting time unique – they will never forget you.

Benefits for your people

The regenerating power of dry floatation, even better if combined with the practice of Mindfulness, positively affects the three dimensions of well-being at work: physical, cognitive and emotional.


Cognitive health

Stress relief
Increased focus and attention
Enhanced problem-solving skills
Improved creativity

Emotional health

Positive thinking
Healthy self-awareness
Better social networking skills
Higher adaptability

Physical health

Relief from bad posture-related back pain
Reduced muscle and joint pain
Fast recovery from jet-lag

Stress level

Not everybody knows that stress can be quantified by measuring the Cortisol in the blood. Floatation reduces its levels by half compared to a traditional relax bed.

Turner, J. and Fine, T. (1983). Effects of relaxation associated with brief restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) on plasma cortisol, ACTH, and LH. Biofeedback and Self-Regulation, 8(1), pp.115-126.


Stress-related muscle pain

Stress and anxiety can lead to neck and muscle tension. A floating session acts as a physical “reset”, releasing tensions and promoting mental wellbeing.

Bood, S., Sundequist, U., Kjellgren, A., Nordstrom, G. and Norlander, T. (2005). Effects of Flotation-Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique on Stress-Related Muscle Pain: What Makes the Difference in Therapy – Attention-Placebo or the Relaxation Response?. Pain Research and Management, 10(4), pp.201-209.


Mindfulness at work

Google, Procter & Gamble and Nike are just some of the companies where Mindfulness is a daily practice for employee growth and wellbeing. This brain-training activity has positive impacts on many aspects of daily working life.

“Mindfulness-based interventions in the workplace: An inclusive systematic review and meta- analysis of their impact upon wellbeing” TimLomas,JuanCarlosMedina,ItaiIvtzan,Silke Rupprecht & Francisco José Eiroa-Orosa.


Power napping at work

A 10-30 minutes power nap will help avoid reductions in attention and energy levels, promote staff productivity, motivation and wellbeing, and have a positive impact on overall company results.

360° Magazine Exploring innovation at work – issue 15. 2018


Jet-lag recovery

Acting on the endocrine parameters that regulate the sleep-wake rhythm, floatation is the perfect ally for travellers who need to quickly restore their lucidity and working performance.

Schulz, P. and Kaspar, C. (1994). Neuroendocrine and psychological effects of restricted environmental stimulation technique in a flotation tank. Biological Psychology, 37(2), pp.161-175.