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Today, life is hard for everybody, but it’s even more difficult for people with autism spectrum disorders. And those who have the greatest difficulties are above all children and teenagers, feeling overwhelmed by sensory inputs from the environment around them. This makes it impossible for them to relax, which results in a build-up of tension and stress for both body and mind.

A group of Swedish researchers sussed out that floatation could improve the quality of life of people with autism; their studies focused on children, in order to understand if a “floating” break from external stimuli bombardment could actually represent a major benefit. Today, we can state that floatation therapy allows them to rest, relax and get rid of the pressure from interaction with other people. The body benefits from it, by releasing articulation and muscle tension that autism “offers” as a constant and everlasting condition during their days.

The fact of implementing this innovation is not easy and we, who started an amazing journey three years ago by donating Zerobody to Casa Sebastiano, know that well. Accepting a new “object”, accepting to stand still while floating over something unknown can be a real challenge. That is where the professionalism and ability of operators who assist the kids with a gradual adjustment path come in, as it happened at Casa Sebastiano, where they are allowed to touch, discover, experiment, refuse or accept Zerobody, without being forced to use it.




Today, on the occasion of the World Autism Awareness Day, we are happy to share also with you some outstanding data:

Of course, we do not get excited about these figures; what really thrills us is listening to the stories and experiences of these kids who, thanks to Zerobody, can finally find some moments of well-being that, sometimes, are turned into lasting benefits accompanying the most difficult aspects of their condition.


Marzia Rizzardi, services coordinator at Casa Sebastiano, tells us three stories that we are extremely proud to share with you now. (We will use invented names to protect the privacy of our protagonists).

Matteo is a 38 young guy who lives in residential department of Casa Sebastiano. It is hard for him to accept things or experiences that are different from what he already knows and accepts. That was the case with Zerobody too, for which we needed a very long adjustment path and a great commitment from the operator in complying with Matteo’s pace to touch, discover, look and understand what it was about.  One day, much to our surprise, Matteo decided to use Zerobody and…he fell asleep! For us it was a great demonstration of trust and, above all, of deep well-being and relaxation”.

Silvia is a girl who daily lives in a state of extreme muscle tension. Floatation sessions on Zerobody represent for her a moment when she can relax and stretch her muscles, without needing an operator who should intervene with specific massage”.

Giulia initially chose to use Zerobody holding the operator’s hand tight, but after a few sessions she started to use it without asking for any help.  This was a great achievement for us…Giulia is used to have the operator constantly by her side, preferably “hand in hand”.



Communication tables for Zerobody session management


Today, April 2nd, is the day dedicated to autism awareness and we want to contribute to it with this story. You didn’t find any picture, to protect the privacy of places and people we told you about. If you want to find more about Casa Sebastiano and contribute to a project of excellence supporting teenagers with autism in Trentino, visit…or go and see them.

There’s no better picture than than the one that will be printed in your heart!