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Corporate Wellness: what is it all about?


How many times have you heard of “corporate wellness”? Would you know how to properly define it?

It’s a concept that can be interpreted in many different ways, but they all have a common key factor: to improve the health of employees and company performances, thus guaranteeing physical, psychological and social wellness at all levels or duties.

Corporate Wellness: what is it all about?

Many companies have decided to adopt wellness and health programs, even before the Covid-19 emergency put a greater emphasis on health and immune defences; the global market of corporate wellness stood at 54 billion dollars in 2018 and some recent surveys estimate that it will achieve 90 billion dollars by 2026.

Health Management, nutrition programs, stress management activities, fitness: these are only some of the paths undertaken by an increasing number of companies. There are programs of all kinds: experiential, interactive, individual or team-based, within the company premises or outside the workplace, theoretical or practical.


Then how to choose the most suitable?

Through a careful company analysis! You will be able to choose your program and, in particular, the goals you want to achieve, but only after having identified the main problems. Overall, you should adopt a wellness culture which takes into account some crucial aspects:


Take care of your employees’ mental health

Burnout or “work-related stress”, that is today officially recognised as a disease by the World Health Organization, has negative effects on productivity. Help your employees in reducing and managing it more constructively, by introducing Yoga or Mindfulness activities for example (discover more reading the relating article “Why should companies invest in Mindfulness?“).

Corporate Wellness: what is it all about?



Provide areas for Power Napping

The so-called “restorative nap” is anything but a form of “idleness” during working hours. Many studies have now proven the regenerating properties of power nap: sleeping for a few minutes contributes to resume working with greater energy and concentration, thus achieving results more effectively and without accumulating stress, which would be counterproductive both for the employee and for the whole company.

Corporate Wellness: what is it all about?

Regenerating area at workplace – powered by Zerobody


Implement psycho-physical wellness systems suitable for everyone

Remember that your company is made of people, all different from each other. They all have their preferences, needs, problems, duties, ability to manage stress, fears and beliefs. Besides specific programs like fitness or yoga, implement some solutions allowing all your employees to take some short regenerating breaks, with no contraindications nor age limit.

Corporate Wellness: what is it all about?



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