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Design meets technology


“Adrenalina for Zerobody” is a cooperation born to contaminate the regeneration experience through colors and materials that can engage the user even before immersing himself in the journey with Zerobody. “Adrenalina for Zerobody” is absence of gravity and a journey into colors, a wealth of visual and touch sensations that amplify the journey of your mind in a new galaxy of well-being starting from the richness of primary colors in all their intensity and saturation. Adrenalina contaminates Zerobody with its eclectic and surprising mood, playing with primary colors stolen from everyday life, reinterpreted in three-dimensional textures and technical textures that perfectly fit the shape of Zerobody, accompanying your body on its sensory journey through space and time.


The materials chosen are particularly efficient from a technical point of view and attractive for their consistency: a sartorial micro bouclé and a three-dimensional mesh with a futuristic appearance. The two fabrics, deeply different, work in synergy since the material surface of the raised bouclé finds its opposite in the softness of the net, which implodes into a weft composed of micro-holes with the contrasting bottom that highlights its three-dimensionality.

Both fabrics are designed by Gabriel, a Danish publisher wellm known in the world of technical fabrics for furnishing,  ideal partner for furniture brands that focus their research on technology and colors.