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“Casa Sebastiano”, a facility located in Coredo (Trento) that offers residential services, parental and individual therapy for teenagers with autism, has been using Zerobody for almost a year now, to test the effects of dry flotation within the rehabilitation programs of their young guests.

“Casa Sebastiano” was born from the dream of Giovanni Coletti, President of “Fondazione Trentina per l’Autismo”, to create a specialized center focused on the Autism Spectrum Disorders, where teenagers could follow personalized programs of rehabilitation and growth to strengthen cognitive communication and social skills. “Casa Sebastiano” is not a hospital, but a comfortable domestic space with colorful and cheerful rooms, with a serene and familiar atmosphere. Exactly the place that Sebastiano – Giovanni Coletti’s autistic son who tragically died in 2001 – would have liked.

Within this context, Starpool proudly gave its contribution by donating a Zerobody, with the aim to include dry floatation within the rehabilitative programs and verify its effectiveness in terms of psycho-physical benefits for the guests of the center.

“Pursuing dreams many times leads to their realization”: says the president Giovanni Coletti. “We are very proud of this collaboration and we hope being able to offer our small contribution to the realization of this beautiful dream”: the words of our CEO, Riccardo Turri.