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Gianni Moscon: muscle recovery and focus with Zerobody


Gianni Moscon, born in 1994, is a road racing cyclist from the Ineos Team. Since 2016, the year in which he started racing professionally, Gianni has demonstrated he is an all-round cyclist endowed with great cycling skills over passes, on cobblestone roads and uphill. Explosiveness and quick sprints are his major peculiarities and some of the reasons why he is considered one of the best emerging talents of world cycling.

Gianni Moscon: muscle recovery and focus with Zerobody

Like any other athlete of his stature, Gianni was initially troubled with the fear of not being able to find proper ways to keep fit and give continuity to his intense training programs during the lockdown and the restart following the Covid-19 health emergency.


Zerobody eventually came to his aid, to such extent that he has recently decided to install it at his private home. The ongoing emergency has made the concentration and effort required for tenacious training, at both physical and mental level, even more intense, also due to the new training conditions which are very much different from those which Gianni and any other sports professional were used to.

Gianni Moscon: muscle recovery and focus with Zerobody

With the help of Zerobody, Gianni has been able to work on two fronts:


All we have to do now is to wish Gianni all the best for his future sport achievements!


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