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Wellness, meant as a person’s mental and physical balance, has – now more than ever- a key role in the quality of life of each and every one of us. Confirmation of this lies in the goals set by the World Health Organization itself for “the enjoyment by all populations of the highest attainable standard of health”, defined as “a state of total physical, mental and social well-being” and not solely “the absence of illnesses or disabilities”.

Our relationship with wellness used to be occasional in the past, but this approach is quickly changing in favor of a mental state based on wellness that concerns several aspects of our daily life, ranging from diet to careful attention to both mental and physical well-being to reduce stress”, explains Katherine Johnston, senior researcher at the Global Wellness Institute.

Home well-being, meant as “living well” at home, leads us now more than ever to the daily research of effective solutions for both body and mind. It isn’t luxury anymore, but an actual need for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Home wellness as an experience

Wellness at home can no longer be considered independently of the Wellness Experience, to be enjoyed by oneself or with few close people. Zerobody makes its way into Home Wellness exactly to allow people to devote more quality time to their own mental and physical wellbeing in a cutting-edge and effective way.

The audio guide Mindfulness and Breathing programs,  combined with the beneficial effects of dry floatation for muscle recovery, make wellness an actual regenerating experience for body and mind. The benefits are scientifically proven and the protocols of usage adaptable to any lifestyle or personal need: Zerobody is your number one ally for home wellness!



Supplementary training and recovery

Frenzy doesn’t belong just to “ordinary” daily life, but, nowadays, to athletes too. More and more intense training sessions and higher and higher pressure and expectations make it so that professional athletes need effective solutions for recovery. Thanks to the scientifically proven beneficial effects on muscle recovery, energy saving and physiological stress parameters improvement, Zerobody is the ace in the hole.

And not only that. Zerobody also helps athletes to work on ideomotor training and on the visualization of playbooks, also relying on virtual or increased reality. Together with the Finnish sauna, Zerobody allows the athlete to keep in shape all the time, training body and mind passively even on recovery days. It favors a condition of psycho-physical well-being that reflects both on athletic performance and private life.


Federico Pellegrino, World Champion of cross-country skiing, in his house, uses Zerobody combined with a Finnish sauna by Starpool every day.


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