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Zerobody rules in NHL and MLB


In professional sports, athletes focus solely on training and competition. The need to ensure to best possible performance leads athletes and trainers to continuously look for innovative and effective solutions for  muscle recovery.


It has been shown that recovery is indeed a key aspect of athletic preparation. In fact, this phase allows to restore physiological and psychological processes, so that athletes can compete and train at their best. Ensuring an effective recovery is a complex issue; however, over the past ten years, scientific research has made massive progress in the identification of the most effective techniques. Floatation is undoubtedly one of these!

This is why Zerobody, the innovative system for dry floatation designed and produced by Starpool, is more and more popular among professional teams all over the world. Alabama Crimson Tide, Aquila Basket Trento, Hockey Club Bolzano are just some of the teams of excellence that, so far, have chosen Zerobody for their muscle recovery.

Last but not least, the Carolina Hurricanes and the San Francisco Giants!


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