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FC Sudtirol players train with Zerobody


Everyone knows that rest and recovery are two critical aspects of soccer preparation. That’s why the FC Sudtirol players have chosen Starpool as their Wellness Partner and have been training with Zerobody for three years.


With the goal of constantly improving athletic performances, Starpool started a new work program with the team. To do this, the company was supported by Paolo Artico, a recognized athletic trainer in the landscape of Italian soccer.

soccer preparation


With the precious collaboration of Alberto Berselli, athletic trainer of FC Sudtirol, the team designed an eight-week work protocol. The goal was to measure the performance based on the assessment of different parameters: mood, pain, sleep, stress, effort perception and recovery.

soccer preparation


Why these parameters? Let’s find out together!



Sport psychology has long proven how mood can influence behavior. Self-esteem has a fundamental role in competition, ensuring alert, fast and careful performance on the field in the same way as focus. In addition, let’s not forget the importance of emotionally supporting an athlete in case of injury, to make the recovery time shorter.

Attention to the emotional sphere has now become a necessary prerequisite non just in soccer preparation, but for everyone who practices a sport professionally or competitively.



Pain is part of every sport: not just in case of injury, but also – and most importantly – during the daily sport practice. Pain is “learnt” training after training, match after match. Athletes learn to identify the severity of pain and to bear it. Sometimes this means living with it and facing challenges with determination despite the fact that it is there.

Tha ability to endure pain is then a key factor that often affects an athlete’s success. In this context, pain is not meaningful in itself, but rather the sensation associated by the athlete to the feelings of pain and effort.



A good night sleep is a key factor for the wellbeing of all of us. Even more so for an athlete, since it favors:



The right amount of stress is good for competition. However, when it becomes chronic, it risks preventing athletes to reach their goal. A good preparation cannot exclude exercises and techniques to manage emotions.

There are several types of exercises: to train mental focus, internal dialogue, positive images or focus in general. Breathing and Mindfulness exercises are among the most popular techniques.



We have extensively discussed of the importance of muscle recovery in a previous article that you can read here.

soccer preparation

All we have to do now is wish our athletes good luck with their work!


If you’re an athletic trainer or a professional athlete, contact us to have further information about the benefits of floatation on sports activity.





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