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Stress is the business world’s silent killer! If it’s true that preventing it requires to make some investment and break down cultural barriers, it’s also true that ignoring it costs much more.

But let’s start from the beginning.

What is “work-related” stress?

It is the reaction people have to excessive demands or pressures, arising when they try to cope with tasks and responsibilities, but find difficulty. This results in a series of health issues: headache, gastrointestinal disorders, sleep problems, nervousness, chronic fatigue, and even “burn-out”.

From a business standpoint, this condition is reflected in: high absenteeism and employee turnover rates, increase in accidents at work, poor motivation, resistance to change and low productivity. All factors that lead to high costs that the company often does not know or does not associate with stress.

Here are some data that emerged from international research conducted on the cost of stress for companies.

900 billion dollars spent globally each year due to direct and indirect costs of stress.

In the United States, 62% of workers consider their work the main source of stress.

In the UK, the absenteeism rate in the workplace has increased by 72% since 2011.

In the UK, since 2009 there have been around 100 million work days lost due to stress-related causes.

Replacing a worker can cost the company up to 5 times his annual salary.


What do you think? Is it time to run for cover?

Workplace well-being triggers a virtuous circle that is good for everyone.

Happiness at work is convenient!


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