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The importance of muscle recovery at the gym


When we train at the gym, our muscles do work hard!

The importance of muscle recovery at the gym

When the fibers that constitute our muscles undergo greater strain than they normally can take, they present “microfractures”. To protect the muscles from this kind of stress, our body reacts with supercompensation – a process where the fibers are repaired and regenerated, making the muscle stronger and more performant than it was before.

But only if enough recovery time is dedicated to the regeneration phase! How much time? Difficult to say! Research carried out by the University of Alabama shows that the ideal recovery time isn’t the same for everyone, and it depends on personal features, such as age, physical preparation, nutrition, sleep and training frequency.


Rest and recovery: what happens during this phase?

Recovery is essential for supercompensation. It is as important as the training that precedes it, as long as it is planned, high-quality, and adequately done.

The importance of muscle recovery at the gym

Supercompensation is a theoretical model that explains the “homeostasis” process, which allows our body to regain natural balance after a specific external stimulus. After an intense workout, the homeostasis process requires much more energy and consumes much more oxygen – therefore burning a lot of calories. The regeneration phase strengthens the muscle and prevents possible future injuries as well. And that’s not it: it is a great tool in terms of mental training too, in that the recovery phase can be used to find the right motivation and build up the necessary energy to achieve our goals.


How many recovery techniques are there?

Every athlete has different recovery needs, depending on the sport they practice, on their available time, and on their preferences and habits.

All recovery techniques must be complemented with adequate nutrition, having the right protein intake, even with the aid of supplements, and with good hydration.


Zerobody in your gym: innovation and technology for an effective recovery

Nowadays, a gym stands out from its competition not only because of the quality of its equipment or the competence of its staff, but also thanks to its ability to meet the recovery needs of its clients.

The importance of muscle recovery at the gym

Zerobody is the unique and cutting-edge solution that combines the different recovery techniques and meets the athletes’ needs:


Zerobody is easy to install, has very low management costs and is suitable for everyone, without any contraindication or age limit.


With equal variables (training, nutrition, hydration, personal features), someone who rests and recovers is undoubtedly stronger. So, with equal equipment and services, the winning gym is the one that “closes the circle” and offers an effective recovery system to its athletes.



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