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We’ve been hearing about the WOW effect for few years now. But what it really is and how could we apply this factor to the hospitality business?

Let’s start from a simple assumption: gone are the days when any package holiday was enough to gain new clients and retain the existing ones. Nowadays, travellers are more and more demanding, curious and looking for novelties. If we then talk about the business travellers and we add the working stress to the one of travelling, it is a must to surprise them with services and cares dedicated to their well-being.

The WOW effect is the reason why your clients will talk about your hotel to friends, relatives and colleagues; it is the factor leaving them speechless and the best thing is that it can only lead to positive effects:

It is priceless…and has a surprise effect!

Very often you can generate the WOW effect without huge investments; in some cases, also by using structures and services already existing in your facility. It costs nothing, it is priceless! Just few examples: a welcome drink, a free entry to your spa, 10 minutes of dry floatation with Zerobody.

It should not be forgotten that in our modern, complex world luxury for travellers consists in an unexpected gesture or a detail that makes them feel good, as if they were at home, but at the same time offers them the invaluable advantage of feeling pampered, welcome and at the centre of the world in that specific moment.


Examples of the above may include a welcome drink, a free entry to the spa, profiling of the guest to record his/her tastes and preferences, an unexpected gift at the time of checkout, a welcome consisting in 10 minutes of dry floatation with Zerobody to relieve the sense of tiredness caused by travelling, a free bottle of water to carry on his/her way back before the guest leaves. It does not take much after all, does it?


It generates real fans

A research conducted by the Stanford University shows that acquiring new clients leads to costs 5-10 times higher than the ones needed to retain the existing ones. Moreover, loyal clients spend on average 67% more than the new ones. The WOW effect helps you retaining your clients; and you know that a loyal client will say good things about you! What travellers need more then ever is emotions and experiences to tell and share with others. The old motto “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about” is not valid anymore: there is nothing better than happy clients telling about their satisfaction within their reviews on Tripadvisor!