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Alma Clinique, Switzerland

A case of success

After 3 years studying the medical and complementary facilities available to Geneva residents, Eva Martinez created Alma Clinique: a place where traditional  and complementary medicine live together under one roof, as a more complete health concept for patients.

What sets Alma Clinique apart is that it offers a place where real therapeutic and sports massages are available alongside luxury hotel standard treatments.


Alma. Karma. Immortality.

3 different rooms for a holistic well-being experience.


Alma” and “Karma” rooms are dedicated to specific massage techniques to reduce muscle tension and stimulate blood flow. Beside traditional therapeutic and relaxation massages, you can choose among a wide range of advanced techniques such as:

  • Reflexology
  • Hot Stone
  • Prenatal Treatment
  • Ayuverdic Massage
  • Chi Nei Tsang
  • Shiatsu

All therapists are accredited ASCA/RME, as guarantee of a reliable and professional service.


Immortality” is a unique cozy and private space for relaxation and regeneration of body and mind.

At Alma Clinique, therapists help you to take some much needed time out of your stress cycle. Each massage or treatment helps you to learn a bit more about yourself; relaxing afterwards allows time for to assimilate the benefits of the session before going back to daily routine.

This is why the use of this space is offered to every client, before or after the massage or medical treatment.

The importance of relaxation

Zerobody allows to access an innovative and effective regenerating experience for body and mind: dry floatation, combined with the chrono-therapeutic effects of the surrounding ambience, maximises the effects of massages and therapeutic treatments for a long-lasting wellbeing effect.

At Alma Clinique every client receives a 15-minutes session free of charge after the treatment, to help absorbing the benefits of the session. The complete use of Zerobody  is included in the VIP program, as well as available to everyone against payment of a fee according to the selected duration of the dry floating experience.


Eva Martinez

Founder at Alma Clinique

“We are happy to be the only ones to have Zerobody in Geneva: this gives us an advantage over other wellness centers. Zerobody allows us to offer our patients a new innovative experience of relaxation and anti-stress that they cannot find elsewhere. Many customers state that they falled asleep but without knowing when exactly, finding Zerobody a true solution to regenerate body and mind easily and quickly. Also, Zerobody boosts the effect of our treatments and is a precious ally of our therapists!”