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Hotel Montchalet, Ortisei

A case of success

The Montchalet hotel, located in the heart of the famous Val Gardena and surrounded by the natural beauty of the Dolomites, offers the magic of a mountain chalet with the elegance and class of a luxury hotel.

A sensorial journey in a place where objects, symbols will transform the cyclical rituality of your everyday life into an unforgettable experience. Living, resting, taking care of yourself, eating, become moments of pleasure lived in full harmony with the surrounding environment.

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Unique, private and exclusive

it’s the Montchalet Wellness offer, designed in partnership with Starpool.

The suites, an extraordinary blend of modernity and alpine tradition, make the guest living a well-being experience in an intimate and private space. Within the social spa, instead, the guest will discover the pleasure of sharing the beneficial properties of water and treatments in a cosy atmosphere.

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Zerobody guarantees

the ultimate expression of "rest"

a fundamental phase of the wellness path, to which the guest dedicates most of the time. The regenerating properties of dry floatation, in synergy with the beneficial effects of Mindfulness on the mind, find the ideal environment for a holistic experience that the guest will never forget.

The feedback from the Management

Marco Pezzutto, Hotel Owner, says:

“At Montchalet we allowed ourselves the luxury of dreaming, choosing the right partner to fulfil our desire to stand out and be different. Zerobody transports our guests to an ideal state of mental and physical well-being, guaranteeing concrete benefits and making us even more proud of the wellness services offered within our structure “.

The feedback from clients

“From the arrival to the departure it was an escalation of fabulous surprises! The Spa is finely crafted and equipped with innovative beds that make you float in the water, taking away your body weight, you feel yourself immersed in a cloud. Definitely very relaxing! A peace state where you lose track of time, a cuddle that we will remember for a long time!”

“Everything was superb, from the reception to the rooms, to the SPA that is really innovative and very intimate.”

“We spent a half day at the Spa, really fantastic for both the attention of detail and the organization, even though it is not very large. Zerobody is a unique experience to be tried!”

“A full-service SPA, including a swimming pool with warm water and outdoor hot tub, sauna and the room with Zerobody beds, unique of its kind. We will definitely be back!”

Source: Tripadvisor