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A case of success

Wellness meets the essence of Fiemme Valley

Passionately run by Paolo and Lorena Gilmozzi for over 30 years, with the collaboration of their children Simone, Federico and Guendalina, La Roccia Wellness Hotel is ever evolving and has recently hit a key target of its tourist offer: to give their guests the opportunity to experience deep wellbeing during their stay, living a true connection with the Valley in the hotel areas that have been designed to be the expression of quality and absolute peace.


Relax and wellness lulled by the smell of the Fiemme wood

The new spa, fully re-designed with the consultancy of Starpool in the most beautiful and panoramic area of the hotel, is a real wellness shelter in close connection with the territory. It is a sensory path, going straight to the soul of the valley where the Fiemme wood is the key player with its texture, heat, natural properties, scents and sounds.

La Roccia Wellness Hotel has made the Valley a unique and unforgettable frame around the guests’ relaxation and wellbeing.



the innovative and appealing solution that is good for health

La Roccia Wellness Hotel has chosen Zerobody as a unique and distinctive element for the therapeutic power of dry floatation to promote the regeneration of both body and mind.

Zerobody gives an enhanced value to our conceptual project” – says Paolo Gilmozzi, hotel owner – “and it amplifies our wellness offer with an innovative solution that is fit for everybody, including people who cannot access the spa or look for an intimate and private wellness experience”.


Zerobody is a precious tool for La Roccia Wellness Hotel to meet the wellness and health demands of each and every guest:

  • professional athletes during their summer training camps and sports people who find an efficient and innovative solution for muscular recovery and optimised sports performances;
  • guests rushing away from the frantic pace of their daily routine who can take advantage of the psycho-physical benefits of floatation to fight stress and regenerate their body and mind during their stay;
  • people suffering from sleep disorders who can improve their sleep quality thanks to the combined action of floatation and the Mindfulness audio guides supplied together with Zerobody.

Paolo Gilmozzi

Owner of La Roccia Wellness Hotel

I have chosen Zerobody because it perfectly reflects my idea of wellness: innovation, versatility, effectiveness, body and mental care, and last but not least it is easy to use. All these qualities in a product that is designed and manufactured in the Val di Fiemme valley and offers my guests the scientific benefits of conventional floatation in a unique, innovative and “dry” solution that is fit for everyone”.

Photo credits: Pierluigi Orler