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Residential care home OUSTALET – France

A case of success

The Residential Care Home OUSTALET e is located in the heart of the Provençal village of Plan d’Orgon, in France.

The Residence does not only represent the excellence in the care of the elderly,but also stands out from many similar facilities, since it also welcomes people with disabilities who require constant care – both medical and emotional – during their retirement.


The keyword is:


The excellence of the OUSTALET does not only reflects in the professional team of highly-skilled doctors and nurses, but also in its innovative drive that moves the facility towards the most advanced technologies and solutions to guarantee well-being and dignity to patients.



In fact, among the many services offered, OUSTALET has chosen Zerobody, thanks to the therapeutic power of dry floatation and its significant benefits on both body and mind:

  • Deep relaxation to fight anxiety and depression
  • Muscle and joint pain relief
  • Mindfulness training to combat brain aging
  • Better sleep

What do professionals think of it?

At first, I wondered if it was a relaxing device, but after a few months of use, I can say that this system is great and has huge benefits for our patients!

It is easy to use, each session is flexible according to the time we have and the patient’s needs, the person does not need to undress, there is music and integrated Mindfulness sessions, the touch remote control is very intuitive.

In short, everything is done so that the patient takes advantage of this privileged moment and the benefits of dry floatation on both physical shape and emotional state. Last but not least, it is very much recommended for anxious persons who need to deeply relax and abandon their negative thoughts in order ot better respond to treatments and care.”