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Steelcase goal is to help people do their best work by creating places that work better. Making products in the 21st century compels Steelcase to ask, “How can we design better futures for the wellbeing of people and the planet?” Impact Report Steelcase

Steelcase is a global design and thought leader in the world of work. Along with our expansive community of brands, we design and manufacture innovative furnishings and solutions to help people do their best work in the many places where work happens.

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Well-being at work

People deserve an environment that promotes their well-being – no matter where they live and work. When people feel good physically, mentally and emotionally, they are better able to cope with the demands of work and everyday life and feel more a part of the whole.

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Zerobody at Steelcase

With Zerobody, the concept of well-being in the office can be implemented holistically. Zerobody helps employees to recover in the best possible way during the working day in the office. A company like Steelcase, which sets high standards in the design of exceptional working environments and emphasizes the combination of physical and mental aspects of well-being, sees Zerobody as a natural extension of an attractive working environment. In a world where the place of work is becoming more and more flexible, companies need to offer employees something that is not available everywhere.

Houda Badri

Houda Badri


”More and more real-life examples show that investing in wellbeing of employees has a direct impact on company results, as employees are more creative and innovative, healthier and more motivated. We have been using Zerobody Dry Float for 5 years. Dry Float is easy to integrate into the daily work routine and the effectiveness for the regeneration of body and mind is scientifically proven – that’s why we are a loyal customer. Especially after the pandemic, we realized that offers like ZeroBody are important for coming together in the office.”

Marc Nicolaisen

Marc Nicolaisen


“In our interactions with customers, we are asked every day what relevance the office still has in an increasingly flexible working world. Offers that are not available at home are becoming more and more interesting. With Zerobody Dry Float, we were able to perfectly complement our “Wellness Room” and offer our customers and employees an effective way to relax body and mind. In our working environment, we pay attention to the holistic implementation of the various dimensions of well-being; the integration of Zerobody is therefore a natural and logical extension.”