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Steelcase “Learning & Innovation Center”, Munich

A case of success

“When people are in environments that support positive emotions, they are free to be productive, collaborative and creative”. Beatriz Arantes, Senior Researcher at Workspace Futures.

For more than 105 years, Steelcase Inc. has helped to create great work experiences for the world’s leading organizations, offering a comprehensive portfolio of architecture, furniture, technology products and services, all designed to unlock human promise. At Steelcase people can leverage their work environment to think, feel and move better. By providing wellbeing solutions that more intentionally link employees’ body and ming, the Company is able to support them better in balancing their days at work.

Created by ImageGear, AccuSoft Corp.
Created by ImageGear, AccuSoft Corp.

Promoters of wellbeing in the workplace

Thanks to its constant research into wellbeing, Steelcase learned that an individual`s wellbeing has three dimensions: physical, cognitive and social wellbeing. So far, the western world of work organizations has had a strong focus on physical wellbeing, as the costs associated with body wellbeing issues are often more obvious. Nevertheless, the research confirmed that wellbeing is systemic and needs to be seen holistically. By integrating wellbeing in all its dimensions, Companies can better address people’s physical, cognitive and psychological needs.

Daniel Breiches

Daniel Brecheis


Experience has shown that investing in wellbeing is completely in the interests of improved business results thanks to a more creative, engaged and innovative workforce. When we learned about the scientifically proven regenerating effects on body and mind of ZEROBODY and the easiness of integrating it into the working day, it was the perfect fit for the wellbeing concept of our Learning & Innovation Center.”

Martina Dobler

Martina Dobler


By installing ZEROBODY in our “wellbeing room” we achieved a more complete application for people to be able to truly relax. As our work environment already reflects the link between all dimensions of wellbeing, especially the cognitive and physical aspects of rejuvenation, integrating ZEROBODY felt like a natural extension to our concept.


Zerobody usage

Use rate

stable 2 years after installation

Average session

duration 23 minutes


20-25 per week


Zerobody Feedback

“Let’s be honest… it’s MUCH more than I expected! The sensation when you’re using
the bed is awesome and you can feel how your body has recovered after using it. People of the LINC… You have to try it! I am pretty sure I’ll book another half an hour!”

Senior Product Engineer

“Amazing! Gonna live in this bed!”

Technology Product Engineer

“Hi all. Yesterday I tried the Zerobody and it is really cool. Thanks for installing this new product in our wellness room.”

Senior Project Manager

“Great opportunity. Thank you for showing us today.”

Dealer Business Manager

“It is so cool!! 10 minutes of relaxation to rejuvenate body and mind!”

Office Administrator