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STEFANO MIGLIORINI, Italian CrossFit Champion

A case of success

Born in 1989, Stefano Migliorini has been the holder of the title “Fittest in Italy” on the international CrossFit scenario since 2012.

He attended 7 Regional European Championships (from 2012 to 2018) and in both 2019 and 2020 he qualified for the “CrossFit Games” in the “National Champion” category.

When asked to define himself by an adjective, Stefano replies: “Difficult to say, but resilient is the adjective I would use considering my desire to do, to compete, to train constantly and no matter what”.


The accident while heading right to the climax

In 2019, shortly before the qualifications for the CrossFit Games, at a crucial time of his competitive career, Stefano suffered a serious accident while he was training. He was practising an Olympic snatch lift with 120kg (a weightlifting exercise performed with a heavy barbell) when his right shoulder went out of place. Besides the very strong physical pain he felt, Stefano had to come to terms with a number of negative emotions triggered by the event: rage, fear and frustration.

The rehabilitation sessions which he started shortly after the accident enabled him to qualify for the CrossFit Games both in 2019 and 2020. Despite this, he could not avoid surgery as a result of his shoulder popping out other two times.


After surgery

After shoulder surgery, Stefano and his coach Ernest Briganti did not merely focus on physical recovery, but they understood the importance of emotional recovery following the traumatic experience the accident had represented. This is the reason why they asked for the help of a professional Mental Trainer who took the athlete along an ideo-motor rehabilitation path using Zerobody, with astonishing results.

Stefano worked on the shoulder joint using visualization techniques. While still pursuing physical recovery, he used these techniques to mentally repeat and practise athletic movements. The aim was to reset any and all information associated with physical pain and negative emotions experienced as a result of the accident.


Stefano Migliorini

Italian CrossFit Champion

“The condition of floating on Zerobody gave me a sense of deep relaxation which enabled me to carry out mental exercises to simulate my physical movements in such a spontaneous and real manner that I had the feeling my joint was really working”.


Ernest Briganti

Co-Owner & Head Coach @Reebok CrossFit Officine

“We are very happy with the results Zerobody and the ideomotor rehabilitation programme have granted us. The medical team involved in check-ups have tested that the shoulder joint has really worked during mental training and they have been extremely satisfied with how quick recovery took place after surgery”.