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Winner Circle Athletics, Corona (USA)

A case of success

Rapid Recovery Injury Prevention focuses on athletes recovery and performance and is home to the top athletes in the world.

The center applies a meticulous recovery regimen for their clients which leads to increased performance and major reduction of injury risk. Every service is specific to the athlete as the center focuses on tracking and monitoring each recovery session and how it is affecting the athlete.


Main goal:

speeding up the recovery process

In order to do so, the strategy is to use each modality collectively to make sure athletes receive the best care:

  • Cryotherapy for reduction of inflammation;
  • Chiropractic Care to make sure body is in alignment;
  • Dry Floatation to reduce stress, increase serotonin levels and regenerate body and mind.

Zerobody is a gateway

for athletes hectic schedules

since it provides a fast and efficient way to reduce cortisol levels and recover from a long day of training and/or work.

Moreover, Zerobody allows athletes to receive the benefits of ample amount of sleep in a short period of time, what is called Power Nap.

Feedback from the Management

“Compared to a normal bed or training table, Zerobody allows for more blood flow and relaxation of the muscles. This prepares our athletes for any type of adjustment, muscle release, stretching. With the muscles being prepped, it makes our treatments MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE!”

“Zerobody allowed us to dive into the overall health and wellness aspect of the market and have spa like relaxation.”

“It allows our clients to maximize their limited time with us!”