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Research with PRO MOTUS – Physiotherapy

Over the years, physical therapy has embraced the technological development and innovation to make the most of the effects of traditional treatments, such as manual therapies, stretching, sport massages and motor rehabilitation. A physiotherapist is, in fact, very sensitive to everything that enhances the physiological recovery of a patient. A fast recovery is often a determining factor in the recovery a normal every-day life, but it must respect the necessary time to achieve stable and lasting results. This can only happen if the recovey involves the whole body, ensuring top performance both on a physical and mental level.

This is why Starpool has launched a research project on Zerobody, entrusting it to Pro Motus, a company located in Bolzano that had previously been involved in a sports scientific study.

Specifically, the new study focuses on the effectiveness of dry floatation in the phase following the ostheopatic and physiotherapic treatments. The goal is to measure, with objective parameters, the greater effectiveness of the treatments thanks to the systematic use of Zerobody.


The method

The study will involve 90 individuals aged between 18 and 70, divided in three job categories: physical therapy, osteopathy and control group. The two experimental group will undergo two osteopathic and physiotherapeutic treatments of 45 minutes each per week, followed by 30 minutes of dry flotation on Zerobody. The control group will undergo only the traditional treatment. The duration of the study is established to 4 months.

The evaluation will be obtained through the visuo-analogue scale. After the data collection phase, a statistical analysis will be carried out, as well as a report with the necessary elements to assess the level of effectiveness of the therapeutic combination.


Manuel Bergamo

Head of rehabilitation

“In my job as a physiotherapist and osteopath, one of the main goals is to lead the patients to a state of physical and mental comfort after the specific treatments, in order to enhance their effectiveness. After having personally tried Zerobody, I have been really impressed by its ability to induce a state of psycho-phyisical « flow » in a few minutes. If used after a treatment, Zerobody maximizes its beneficial effect, enhancing the state of relaxation and accelerating the recovery processes of the body. This is why we have decided to extend the use of Zerobody to the whole ProMotus rehabilitation team, in order to investigate the effects of this application in a structured and scientific way. »


In light of the results of the study, the use of Zerobody combined with physical therapy and/or osteopathy is in line with the initial observations on the effect of dry floatation to enhance the effectiveness of the treatments themselves. In particular, patients who have used Zerobody after the treatment have registered a 10% more significant reduction of painful symptoms than the control group. Beside the statistical data emerged from the study, the positive comments of the patients are particularly relevant to create a human relation with the physician:


“An amazing feeling of embracing heat all around my body. It’s great to just move slighty and be lulled by the water. I was really only completely aware of that feeling of lightness when I found myself again lying on the platform and acknowledged the weight of my body. Half an hour of pure relaxation, for sure. I recommend it, and I’ll surely try it again.”


I felt an immediate relief after the treatment with the Promotus therapist, and after the session on Zerobody I enjoyed such absolute relaxation that it almost eliminated all of the tensions I experience. The feeling was extremely pleasant, as if I were suspended and embraced by lovely warmth. I don’t know how long the session on Zerobody lasted, as I was so relaxed as to completely lose track of time. I even fell asleep, and at the end it felt as if I had slept for entire hours and I felt really light.”


The treatment with the Promotus therapist and then with Zerobody ensures the best of results… thanks for introducing me to Zerobody,”