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Spondilos Lab, located in Pordenone, is a multi-specialty medical center specialized in physical therapy and rehabilitation techniques. The Spondilos method is based on the combination between long-established and cutting-edge therapies, backing them up with energy medicine. The result in a very effective and natural system to promote and keep well-being and health.

Driven in the continuous pursuit of innovative therapies to improve the clinical practice, the medical staff chose Zerobody with the goal of combining the benefits of dry floatation to the manual therapy based on the Bourdiol-Bortolin neuro-anatomical method.

The research, called “Use of Zerobody in the recovery from cervical damage due to whiplash injuries and from lumbar hernias with degenerative cause”, is an ambitious project. As the patient undergoes floatation sessions before receiving manual therapies, the experts in Spondilos expect better adjustment of muscle tone and more effective proprioceptive re-training, with a consistent reduction of pain.


The research project

The study will involve two non-homogeneous groups in terms of age and sex, suffering from cervical sprain due to whiplash injury and both cervical and lumbar discopathy.

The control group will receive a treatment composed by specific kinesis, according to the Bourdiol – Bortolin method, and possible physical therapy exercises. The experimental group, on the other hand, will receive a combined therapy with a Zerobody session and specific kinesis according to the Bourdiol – Bortolin method.

The patients from the two groups will undergo 10 treatment sessions, before which they will answer a test for pain assessment using the VAS scale.


The figures of the study

6 months: the duration of the project

250: the expected floatation sessions

25: patients involved

5: physical-therapists involved

Roberto Carniel
Roberto Carniel
M.D., Surgeon, Specialist in Sports Medicine. Adjunct professor at the Specialization School Of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Chieti


“My work group has always been committed to researching therapies that can improve patients’ health fast and effectively, all the while respecting their physiology and identity. Everyone is aware of the benefits of the Float Therapy on our muscles and bones and its psycho-physical effects. Zerobody, thanks to its dry floatation system, makes the combination with the manual therapy of the neuro-anatomical method by Bourdiol – Bortolin not only possible, but also practical. Thanks to the effect of muscle tone reduction and the activity of the reticular formation, we want to understand whether Zerobody can help us to be more effective in the rehabilitation of core stability muscles, which are influenced by the subcortical areas of our central nervous system.