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Research with PRO MOTUS – Sport & Work

Pro Motus, located in Bozen – Italy, specialises in sports training, sports medicine, rehabilitation and functional evaluation of performance potentials in the medical and sport fields. Its core business is the provision of support and consultancy for training activities at different levels, as well as services and research in the area of sports medicine, post-traumatic rehabilitation and physiological, bio mechanical and neurocognitive evaluation.

In addition to direct relationships with customers and patients, the company carries out applied scientific research to provide guidance to trainers, therapists and customers. Research is at the base of constant engagement in side-line activities aimed at providing sector professionals with specialised training.



Scientific study on Zerobody

Improved recovery capabilities and enhanced quality of life and performances both at work and in sport contexts are now the subject of increasing interest with a view to finding a better response to needs arising in everyday life, in sport and in competitive activities. In this scenario, dry floatation stands out as a complimentary strategy that helps achieve the above-mentioned benefits in the world of well-being and in corporate scenarios, as well as in amateur and elite sports environments. Hence, the importance to understand its effects and to determine its dosage and use.

Pro Motus is the partner Zerobody has selected to conduct a 12-month research project titled “Dry floatation with Zerobody: an exercise to manage psycho-physical distress and to recover psycho-physical energy”. The objective of the study, which involves a sample of 20 volunteers, is to evaluate the acute relaxation responses which dry floatation by Zerobody triggers at physiological, neurophysiological, biochemical and psychological level.


Facts and figures of the study

12 = months of the study

20 = volunteers involved in the study

3 = progressive steps in the study

22 = psycho-physiological variables quantified

256 = total hours worked for the study


Federico Fontana

Manager of the Laboratory and Scientific Research Dept. at Pro Motus

“The possibility to make the impact of a Zerobody session objective and quantifiable at psycho-physical level will help us gain more in-depth knowledge of the responses induced by dry floatation at both physical and psychological level. The application of a scientific method combined with valid and replicable research good practices will enable us to achieve our goal, which is to evaluate how Zerobody improves recovery capabilities and enhances the quality of life and performances both at work and when doing sports. Zerobody is an innovative solution, which is easy to introduce and to use in our daily routine and can potentially be included in any recovery path. It is useful for individuals who are willing to improve their quality of life and for high ranking sportspeople who are constantly looking for a valid and effective tool to optimise their recovery capabilities.”


“This study has resulted in significant benefits to physiological, mood-state and muscle soreness following the use of a rather novel strategy that involves dry floatation in a controlled environmental room. Based on the results from the current study, 20’ of dry floatation represents the minimum amount of stimulus to induce a positive body response in the physical and phycological dimensions. Therefore, it can be prescribed as the effective dose to promote and to optimise physical and phycological recovery in the above-mentioned dimensions.To our knowledge, this was the first study to assess this novel strategy in a healthy adult’s male population.Although warrants further research, the current study serves to provide some promising preliminary results on the use of dry flotation strategy in healthy individuals and might open to further researches in athletic contexts.”


Click here to access the full version of the White Paper “Dry-Flotation therapy: a novel recovery strategy?” – Pro Motus Research Department, Pro Motus Srl, Bozen, Italy.