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The world of sport and fitness is radically changing before our very eyes, as well as the rules of the game for success: not only training but advanced solutions to ensure athletes optimal mental conditions and an effective muscle recovery. Complement your offer with a product that will attract new customers, offer sports enthusiasts a full workout and let you generate new revenues.

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before workout

Everyone knows the importance of mind in sports performance. Thanks to Zerobody, your athletes can develop an optimum level of physical and mental fitness and feel inspired to produce better performances.

post workout

after workout

The effectiveness of sporting activity also depends on what happens after a physical workout, whether a race or a training session. Thanks to Zerobody, your athletes will have an effective tool for physical recovery, accelerating the elimination of lactate and preparing their muscles for the next event.


as training

Resting between one workout session and the next is fundamental for full recovery, for strengthening the muscle structure and for reducing the risk of injury. Zerobody is a perfect way to continue regular training. Your athletes can enjoy a dry floatation session even on non-training days.


for power napping

Our complicated, chaotic daily routines make good sleep harder and harder to achieve. The effects of partial sleep deprivation badly affect sporting performance, where both fitness levels and cognitive preparation are fundamental. Surprise your athletes with real sleep training. The dry floatation offered by Zerobody has positive effects on sleep quality and – why not? – might even attract the “lazier” ones to your facility!


for visualization

A golf course, a racing circuit, a game plan, a climbing wall: there are numerous sports venues where visualization is a fundamental tool for athletes to increase their performance and improve their action. Zerobody induces a psychophysical state that aids visualization techniques, allowing your athletes to maximize their mental potential and channel their energy towards the achievement of goals.

Benefits for the athlete

The whole power of dry floatation and Mindfulness in the service of physical activity and sport performance.



Accelerates muscle recovery
Favours oxygenation of tissues
Helps post-injury recovery
Improves the Heart Rate Variability
Normalizes breathing and blood pressure
Speeds up the clearance of accumulated lactate


Lowers stress and anxiety levels
Increases athletic endurance
Promotes tenacity
Favours focus on targets
Helps to prevent overtraining

Stress level

Not everybody knows that stress can be quantified by measuring the Cortisol in the blood. Floatation reduces its levels by half compared to a traditional relax bed.

Turner, J. and Fine, T. (1983). Effects of relaxation associated with brief restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) on plasma cortisol, ACTH, and LH. Biofeedback and Self-Regulation, 8(1), pp.115-126.


Muscle recovery

Everyone now knows that rest and muscle recovery are an integral part of a good workout. What is not so well-known is that, after just one floating session, muscle pain can be considerably reduced, thus ensuring quicker energy level recovery and faster tissue regeneration.

Driller, M. and Argus, C. (2016). Flotation restricted environmental stimulation therapy and napping on mood state and muscle soreness in elite athletes: A novel recovery strategy?.Performance Enhancement & Health, 5(2), pp.60-65


Breathing rhythm

In sports, knowing how to breathe properly and having the ability to rebalance your rhythm after physical effort means faster and more efficient recovery of the cardiovascular system. Floating not only helps lower the respiration rate during the session but also induces a state of wellbeing that can extend the benefits for over two hours after the session itself.

“Wellbeing effect of Zerobody” Nicola De Pisapia, PHD Chief Scientist Officer Neocogita srl


Heart Rate Variability

The Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is an important indicator of stress level, in the sense of the balance between two systems that regulate body and performance: the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. For an athlete, training is the main stress factor that can cause imbalance in these systems. Floatation optimizes the HRV, returning the parameters to physiological values and maximizing the effectiveness of post-workout recovery.

“Wellbeing effect of Zerobody” Nicola De Pisapia, PHD Chief Scientist Officer Neocogita srl


Athletic performance

The excellence of athletic performance is never random, but rather a mix of the mental and physical factors that determine the thresholds for our attention, concentration and motivation, as well as our technique and preparation. Floatation has a positive effect on many of these factors and makes an ideal ally for athletes.

Driller, M. and Argus, C. (2016). Flotation restricted environmental stimulation therapy and napping on mood state and muscle soreness in elite athletes: A novel recovery strategy?.Performance Enhancement & Health, 5(2), pp.60-65


Our Float Ambassadors

Evan Neal

Evan Neal

Offensive tackle - Alabama Crimson Tide

“Man, it feels amazing! As far as training goes, it takes pressure off my back. It’s really good for recovery, in my opinion. I like to come in here after workouts and take a couple minutes and relax. These relieve a lot of strain and pressure off my back. I’m really grateful that we have these!”

Giacomo Beccucci

Giacomo Beccucci

Head of Performance - Aquila Basket Trento

“Zerobody helps us with load management and recovery strategies – both concerning sleep, in terms of quantity and quality alike, and the mental and physical state of our players in general”.

Lisa Vittozzi

Lisa Vittozzi

Olympic Biathlon Medal

Olympic Biathlon Medal LISA VITTOZZI, has also tested the benefits of Zerobody!

Anton Bernard

Anton Bernard

Captain of Hockey Club Bolzano

“Zerobody makes me quickly recover after training and competitions, and helps me getting ready to sporting challenges in a better way. I believe it is a valid ally for every athlete, both in terms of mental preparation and physical and physiological benefits”.

Fabian Tait

Fabian Tait

Defender from Football Club Südtirol

“Zerobody is very useful to me! Especially during very close midweek games and in the periods of maximum load training, Zerobody allows me to recover better and faster.”

Luca Lechthaler

Luca Lechthaler

Pivot from Aquila Basket Trento

“I tried Zerobody simply out of curiosity. I had no idea how helpful it would be: it helps me regenerate between training sessions – I immediately feel charged with new energy and I clearly feel the mental and physical recovery provided after exercise.”

Federico Pellegrino

Federico Pellegrino

World Champion Cross-Country Skiing

“Cross-country skiing is a discipline that requires great deal of efforts and frequent travel. After a hard training or a long trip, what I need most is an efficient and quick solution to recharge my body and mind energies. That’s why I’ve chosen Zerobody!”

Gianni Moscon

Gianni Moscon

Italian Talent of Road Racing Cyclism - Ineos Team

“Maintaining the focus and the intensity of my training programs was hard during the lockdown. That’s why I decided to install Zerobody at home: it helps me to quickly prepare my muscles for the next effort and, thanks to its combined Mindfulness programs, it allows me to efficiently train my mind too in order to tenaciously reach my goals!”

Stefano Migliorini

Stefano Migliorini

Italian CrossFit Champion

“In 2019 I had a bad accident just before qualifying for the Games. Besides the pain, I had to face a lot of negative feelings: fear, frustration, anger. I started an ideomotor rehabilitation programme with Zeobody, supported by my coach and a mental trainer. Even the medical staff was surprised how much dry floatation combined with visualization techniques allowed me to eliminate the psychological trauma and restore my shoulder joint motion much more quickly!”